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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Toot Toot, Parp Parp...

Loads of fusses. Loads of admiration. Loads of meeting and greeting. That seems to have been the main order of today. Most of it was in the shop that we have been setting up. It is a slightly odd shop though. There are no shinydisks or flappy rectangles involved. Nobody is buying anything. Instead, people seem to bringing things in, getting them all wrapped in colourful stuff and taking them away again. Lots of minihumans have been coming in to do stuff with markysticks, markysheets, stickystuff, shinydust and various other peculiar things. Some of them have been putting colourful stuff on yummies too. That meant I had a bit of hoovering to do. Minihumans are messy - maybe they could be worth getting used to!

I also had to take Mum on a few workywalkies missions too. These were around town. One was to Wilkos where I managed to steer her to the checkout where my friend Pauline was. That was another nice meeting and greeting!

As we walked back through town there was a group of humans standing making noise with various toot-toot, parp-parp, oompah-oompah shinybones. I tried to join in with a few hearty big woofs but Mum didn't seem too impressed! I think I made her jump a bit with my first note. Heehee! Oops!

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