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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Oops! May have slightly Forgotten myself!

Now THAT  is what I call a GOOD workywalkies!

Nearly 5 miles in total, two fellow Guide Dog colleagues meeted, greeted and kanoodled, a tree-scamperer-skitterjitter to chase and a lovely little freerun! Happy Oakley!

Dad disappeared without us this morning (apparently he had to go and swear at somebody about some legal paperwork stuff - whatever that means) so I had to look after Mum. I took her out for a glorious walkies. The hotball was in the blue sky but it was not very hot - in fact the ground was rather crunchy under my paws but it was really lovely nonetheless. We went around the streets of Westbourne, then into the peace of the Upper Gardens, all along the path by the babbling stream, then into town. There, after a couple of calls into shops, I firmly guided Mum to meet a colleague - a golden lab x retriever. We had a brief kanoodle but his manhuman was munching something much more interesting. We both kept vigil for any dropped morsels. We were both disappointed!

Next came another shop duty then a human yummyery. Now this was a great trip to a human yummyery - it came with a really good kanoodling session with Goldie - a little (even littler than me!) golden labrador Guide Dog who brought her mumhuman Beth. We doggies had a wonderful time under the table while the humans did the inevitable yackety-yacking and noshing.

We then took Goldie and Beth to the bus stop and said goodbyes (I'm sure I heard mention of another meet up for a freerun on the beach......Oooooh! I do hope so!). Then I guided Mum on the next bit of our lovely trip - on through the Lower Gardens. This is where I may have ..... errrrmmmm ..... errr..... made a slight mistake! Ahem! Well...... you see, I had been a very good boy - I guided Mum to the bin after she had bagged up my necessary download...... It was one of those bins where she needs both front paws because it has a pull-down-mouth thing ..... well...... errrr..... it was just at that moment that I spotted the skitterjitter - right in front of me! I think I may have just forgotten that I was on duty.....wearing my harness.....Oooops! Well.....I nearly got him! If he hadn't scampered up that tree, I would have had a new toy! Ahem..... I don't think Mum was exactly pleased with me! She actually didn't know why I had shot off - it was a manhuman sitting on the bench who grassed me up!

Mum must have forgiven me though because, after a lovely wander along the pawmenade, we turned up into Middle Chine and she de-harnessed me and said those lovely words "Go Play". It was a wonderful chance to run and catch up on the weemails all the way up the chine! Yippeee!

Dad was back when arrived back at Granny's and I was quite happy to snooze off all the exertions while Mum and Dad did a whole load of clicketyfingersing and sorting stuff.

This evening I have taken Dad on another couple of miles walkies - apparently it was essential to go get one of those bottles of stinky red water. Now, the squawkybox is on and Mum and Dad are both on the sofa - now ...... chin on knee ....... little pathetic squeak ..... yep! That worked! Invitiation to 'hup' - Squeeze in between them back against Dad - paws against Mum and SHOVE! Heehee! Works every time!

Three photos of me and Goldie - two of us kanoodling and one when Mum so rudely interrupted to ask us to pose - looking up from under the table.

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