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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Double Freeruns, and Uncalled for Insult!

"You stink!" That was the greeting I got!

I had performed a really good recall when Mum whistled for me. I galloped back as fast as my legs could go. I did a perfect sit, right in front of Mum, ready for my treat. It was only a tiny yummy, but anything is worth having when you're having a fab freerun. I did not invite such insult though! My perfume was utterly delectable! Eau-de-foxpoop is top of the range! I had found a lovely free sample on the grass and had taken full advantage of the gift, as any self-respecting dog would simply have to do! It would be totally wrong to decline it.

It was a wonderful and very welcome freerun though. It came complete with Debbi and Ryan and, therefore, a superb game of fetch-the-ball-launched-a-long-way-by-Ryan. It was fun to run around on Goring crunchy-lumpy beach again. It is harder to do zoomies though - Bournemouth sandy beach is better for that!

Actually, this was today's second freerun. (Shhhhh..... don't tell on me! I'm only supposed to have one or two a week!) The first one was this morning when I took Debbi and Ryan into the little park behind the humankennelblock in Worthing, while Mum n Dad packed everything back into bags and then into the car. When that was all done, we went for one more visit to Rosie, James and microhuman Hallie. This time, I made the mistake of dozing off on the floor. Next thing I knew was that tiny human paws were biffing me! Rosie had put little Hallie right next to me! "Oakie stay" was the command! "Oakie good boy" was the praise I got. "Eeeeeeek!" Was what was going through my head! I thought I was very brave for staying! I even rolled over for her to biff my belly. She did rather grab at anything she could grab at though! My ears, my nose, my paws.....Rosie put her big paw over my doodah to keep it safe! Phew!

Today's freerun was also a great release after yesterday. That was most odd but quite yummy. we spent most of the day at Rosie's. There was a lot of human feasting, including Hallie in her chair-on-sticks. This, of course, meant I had hoovering duties to perform. (This, it would seem, in Mum's opinion, has contributed to my emissions today. She says I won't be getting sprouts or collie-flower very often). There were also loads of human visitors. They were all doggy-friendly. I got good fusses. I liked those visitors. Apparently they were James's Mum n Dad, and littermates.

Most of the day seemed to revolve around packages having their colourful skins ripped off - most of them by little Hallie. Inside them, were all sorts of colourful and sometimes noisy things for her to poke, prod, shake, chew and hold in her front paws. I git a package to rip open too! It had yummies and toys inside! I liked that bit of the day!

All in all, it has been a good time. After my freerun, we said goodbyes to everyone. Strangely, i didn't get any loves or fusses! Humans just have no idea of good smells! We drove a very short distance to a shop. I had to stay in the car. Mum said I was far too disgusting to go to work! Instead, Dad went in and Mum opened the car's bumdoor 'to let the stench out'! Dad came back with supplies to destroy all my hard work. There was a bottle of tge red stuff Mum sometimes puts on chips. She squirted it on my perfumed neck and shoulder, then rubbed it in. Next, she attacked the area with loads of those little damp white squares that get used on Hallie's bum. Apparently, that all improved my aroma! Well....I don't think so! I had to stay like that for the whole hour-and-three-quarters journey back to Bournemouth!

When we arrived, the first thing that happened was a serious attack in the big white trough. This attack started with a load more of that yummy red gloop (I had to clean some off the wall!), followed by TWO froth frenzies and oooooooodles of warmrain squirt! It took a good supply of yummies to make all that tolerable! Mum seems to think I now smell much nicer. Harrrrrumph!

Two photos of me playing on Goring (Worthing) beach with a passing fellow black Labrador.

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