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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Yay. Visitors! Yay. FREERUN!!!!

Yippeeee! We had visitors! Even in this humankennelblock!

I took Mummy workywalkies into town, where we met up with a fellow Guide Dog, Esme and her ladyhuman Julia. We turned a few heads as we both worked side-by-side guiding our respective humans through town. Esme is a dinky little golden retriever who just happened to be going the same way as Mum wanted to go, so we both strutted our stuff through the crowds!

After that, we returned to the humankennelblock where we found Daddy downstairs in one of the yummyery rooms. He was busy clicketyfingersing on his tappetytoy. I was happy to lie down for a snooze while Mum joined him. Once finished, it was back up to our room where I got to put some serious effort into a huge chewybone while Mum did some clicketyfingersing of her own and Daddy went out and left us.

After a little while, there was a knock at the door and a manhuman came in. He did some huffing and puffing and twiddling with shinysticks in the bathroom. The light works in there now! Then, shortly after he left, there was another knock on the door and in came Debbi and Ryan! Well, my tail went so berserk that my whole body wagged! They stayed a while, just yacketying (and I entertained Ryan by presenting him with my lovely soggy slimy chewybone), then, when Dad came back, the bestest possible thing happened: We all went out for a FREERUN! I love freeruns when Ryan has my ball launcher coz he launches it a mega long way! That gives me a fantabulous run each time to go fetch it back to him. He is also great fun because, if I don't give him the ball back, he plays chase to get it! He can run nearly as fast as me - but, of course, four legs is far superior to two, so he doesn't get me! Heehee!

This evening, we all went down to the yummyery here in the kennelblock. I did my good boy duty and settled down under the table, but then, they all got hold of some strange shiny stick things and did a kind of game of tug with them. There was a nasty loud bang as each one broke and I was super scared! I hidded between Mum's legs and went all shaky for a while. I didn't like that at all. Mum reassured me though and I eventually managed to settle down again.

It is good to be enjoying snuggles with Mummy now to make me feel all safe again. I think I will survive!

Mummy tells me that tomorrow is a very special day so I need to say HAPPY CHRISTMAS from all of us. We hope you all have a wonderful day, whatever it brings.

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