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Monday, 19 December 2016

Hmmm..... Bone.....

Forgiven! Yayy! Maybe I wasn't such a terrible ardlehead yesterday after all! Well..... even if I was, Mummy let me off today! I did do good workywalkies to my forgiveness but oh! boy! That forgiveness was good! The workywalkies was to a human yummyery in Newbury called the Corn Exchange. I strutted my stuff good and proper to get Mum there, including a 'Find the twitten' bit that we have only done once before. Then, 'find the door - right'. Once inside, I found not just Harley, my impromptu buddy from yesterday, but also Patterson the Goldie Guide Dog Puppy (who is way bigger than me and still has growing to do!). Well, we dogs left the humans to do their boring greetings, yackety-yacking and drinking of hot black/brown water in those strange tiny bowls that they lift to their mouths. We just got on with the bestest kanoodling under the table that we could get away with! At one point, Mum and Kim (Harley's humanmum) had to enlist the help of a sighted ladyhuman, Sue, to untangle our leads! They are so daft! If only they had removed our leads and let us play properly, we would never have got into such a boffle! Never mind their worries about tables and spillages and chaos!........

Next duty was a trip to the mouth-dripping shop. The one with red and white stripes everywhere. The one where heaven is kept behind a seethrough wall! My hopes rose a little when Mum asked for turkey, beef, gammon, bacon and sausages......but it seems those hopes were only to sink again. I wasn't even allowed to try to help carry the load! Then the right thing finally happened: Mr Rednwhite-stripes handed Mum a hugenormous bone! Well.... two actually - each with a knobblyend and a straight end. Of course, I still wasn't allowed to carry them but I knew they were mine! I kept that bag under close scrutiny all the way to the car!

Next stop was Bournemouth - very briefly at Granny's flat, but then into a shoppyplace called Poole. I remembered the route to take Mum straight to Boots and then upstairs to a sort of human vets place, where we went a few weeks ago. In there, we saw a nice ladyhuman called Kara again. She seems to be very interested in Mum's back paws. She checked them, along with the strange little flattish things that seem to live inside Mum's pawcovers. They did a whole load of yacketying and all seemed happy.

Now, we are finally at the flat and I have taken Daddy for an inspection of some weemail hubs locally. And I have had a chance to do some serious work on one of those bones! Yummmmmmmm!

Photo shows me - from waist forwards, head down with my nose right by a huge fresh raw beefbone.

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