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Friday, 30 December 2016

Told you I know better, Mum!

Yayy! Mum actually got the right message today! We DID go into the right shop! See! Told you so! We did need to go into Pets at Home yesterday! You wouldn't have it though would you, Mum? Oh no! You knew better! 'Not today. Straight on' You said! I tried to tell you...... I knew we needed to go in......

Oh well, it did mean a good long workywalkies again! I shan't complain about that. And I did get to guide Mum to the right bit of Pets At Home. She did buy me yummies. Apparently I have to be a good boy to earn them though. They are only for that little pouch she keeps in her pocket when we go workywalkies..... I must work out how to open that row of teeth on it.... she does occasionally leave it lying around......

I wasn't allowed to do much hoovering in the yummies aisle. Mum told me to 'leave'. Well that is so not fair! There were yummies all over the floor! It was criminal to leave them all there! Then, when we got to the checkout I had to hup my paws onto the counter to ask for my biccie from the ladyhuman. Mum said that was cheeky and that I'm not supposed to beg! She also said that Pets at Home is not my personal larder! Hufffff! But the hoppetying fluftytufty tails, and the skittering squeaky no tails all eat constantly in there so why shouldn't I?

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