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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Disappearing Food...

Workywalkies in soggy Newbury. Fusses and a lie down in the shop where we were doing all that setting up thing last week. It seems it is now all setted up. More soggy workywalkies to Sainsbury's. In there, I guided Mum and her wheelie-cage-thing aaaaaaallll the way around. As we were going down the final aisle, I tried to be patient while she squinted to find the little green balls she wanted from the chilly cabinets. The problem was though, that I just couldn't wait to do my duty in guiding her to the most important aisle in the shop. I had to work really rather hard in pulling her to that very last section. When I had succeeded and my nose was firmly planted for a good hopeful sniff around, she told me I was a cheeky oik! She said we don't need more doggy treats. Well, I dispute that very much! How could she possibly think that way! It was clearly a blimmin good job I had done that firm tugging! It would seem that a pack of dried chicken strips 'fell' into the wheelie-cage-thing! Heehee!

After a little wait outside, Dad came and picked us up in the car. We went to that place where Dad gives the car a drink from a green squirtysnake with a big long nose that pokes right into the hole in the back of the car. (Strange place to have a drink!) Then we went back to our floatyboatyhome where Dad took the shopping aboard and came back a few moments later.

A bit of a longish drive later, we arrived at Rosie's home. Now, I remembered that last time we were there, I found a yummy bowl on the kitchen floor. I went straight into the kitchen this time and, sure enough, there it was again! Sadly though, Dad rumbled my plan and hoiked me away. Then meanie Mum disappeared the rest to where I couldn't get to it. Hufffff! She also wouldn't let me at the sausages in the gravelbox in the hall. Doublehuff! At least I didn't get spiked at by the hissing furball this time though. Actually, I didn't find him. I'm sure he was there - way under the sofabed, but I don't fit there.

I did get quite brave with little Hallie microhuman. I plucked up the courage to hoover right next to her. Well... she was making a right megamess with her yummies. I couldn't leave it to get squished into the carpet could I?!!!

I workywalkiesed Mum along the road in Worthing for a bit of the way before Dad rescued us from the soggies again. We are now back home afloat and I can definitely declare that my positive guiding in Saibsbury's was worthwhile. That dried chicken strip was delectable!

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