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Friday, 23 December 2016

Busy Day to Human Kennel Block!

Life in Oakleyworld is certainly never dull! Or predictable!

This morning I rather got the impression something was going on. Mum was flitting about packing bags. Then, leaving all the bags and Dad behind, we set off workywalkiesing. So, I thought, maybe I was wrong. A deft bit of guiding into the Clifftop Park worked a treat and Mum soon got the right idea; she asked me to sit, then very kindly removed my harness, lead and noseband, then gave that wonderful command: "Go play". Yippeeeeee! I hit the Weemail highway! Then, to my great delight, I found my buddies; Lucy and Lola the whippet pups, and Doofus the Cockapoo. Well, did we have a poochyparty! I haven't seen them in ages! We had a lot of chasing and butt sniffing to catch up on!

After that bit of legspring uncoiling, it was back on duty to guide Mum into town. "Find Boots" and find "Smiths" were the two instructions. Both carried out faultlessly of course. I made sure I got my due edible acknowledgement of my superb work! I'm (?) sure (?) I remember something in my training about my bum having to hit the floor in a triumphant 'sit' upon entry through the door!

In Smiths, I had to "Find upsteps" and then we had to wait and shuffle along in the Q thing to get to the cage where the humans are kept to take white rectangles and brown boxes. Mum says that our white rectangle was one of my calendars to send to a kind lady who has contributed shinydisks to our fundraising.

When we escaped from there, I had to put my superworking head into action to weave Mum through the crowds. I got a wump on the nose from a bag in the process but the ladyhuman then made a big fuss of me to say sorry! I forgave her! She did super nice chin rubs!

We went around the corner and across the road and found Daddy in the car, which was all loaded up with all those packed bags!

Next stop was in Worthing, at a humankennelblock. Mum and Dad unpacked the car, taking everything inside, but they forgot me! Well.... OK..... it was only for a few minutes! When they came back, I had to step into workmode again (after watering a bush!) and guide Mum round the corner to Rosie's home. Dad also came but in the car. We went upstairs for a little while so I could do my duty in hoovering up the yummies that the hissing furball so carelessly left on the floor. Then we all set off in the car again. That was me, Mum, Dad, Rosie and microhuman Hallie.

We went to Papa's where I found a carrot to hoover! Then it was back into the car again. This time with Papa too! I'm glad I've got my own kennel in the boot. The humans were all a bit squished in! I got to eat my picnic tea inside the human yummyery, while the humans all munched theirs! Such luxury! AND I had to clean up from under Hallie's chair-on-stalks! She is a delightfully messy eater! Heehee!

Now, having done the reverse journey via Papa's and Rosie's to empty the car of all the extra passengers, we are in the humankennelblock! We have a big room and Mum got out my campbed. It was all little and rolled up, but she huffed lots into a little hole-spout and it grew big and cozy!

Two photos of me on my big inflatable campbed. It is grey and nearly as big as a human bed. The bottom flat bit is kind of ridged but comfy squishy, and the sides are big and puffed up, making a lovely all round pillow. In the first pic I am lying on my left side, bum towards the camera, right front paw looped over, looking back over my shoulder at the camera. In the second pic, I am curled up in a ball asleep.

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