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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Zoomies and ZigZags.....

I'm sure I must have shrunk today!

I've worked my paws off workywalkiesing nearly 7 miles, taking Mum into town and into Westbourne. I've played my butt off doing zoomies on the beach, chasing and romping with a Vizla puppy called Dylan. We both had a good play in the cold sploshystuff, got well and truly coated in sand too! Heeheee! Then chased a bit more of my butt off playing with a little Jack Russel Pup. I've run zigzags alllll the way up Middle Chine (there were sooooo many weemails to catch up on!). Then, I got subjected to the white tub, froth attack and warm rain spray.

Now, if all of this really has made me shrink I think I need a trip to the vet. I need to do a 'sit' on that platform thing that gives humans my numbers. If my numbers are smaller that means I have to have more food rations...... Now how can I engineer this one?.......

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