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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

FreeRun. Yay, I gotta FreeRunnnn!

YEEEAAAAAYYYYYY! Back to normal! Well, actually, perhaps better than normal!

I got to take a much better Mummy and Daddy for a fantabulous FREERUN on Snelsmore Common! Oooooooh! That was just sooooo good after the last few days of staying in so much.

I found some great fun pals to play chase with - and a few who didn't want to play, but it was still nice to meet n greet them anyway. I also got to water just about every tree along the way! It is a weemail superhub! Mum and Dad really enjoyed their relaxing version of a free wander too. They are sooooo slow! And they only walk in lines along the pathways. Humans just don't know how to do these things properly! It is so much more fun to run and zoom and leap about in zig-zags and random circles!

My jaws got some further exercise working on my latest bone when we got back to our floatyboatyhome. Then I had to take out of the way for a while so Mum could stroke everything with whiskersticks, cloths and squirtyniffystuff. Home now smells most peculiar but Mum seems to prefer it that way. I can handle this on an ongoing basis as it means I get more walkies!

Four photos from today's freerun:

The most handsome, happy dog in the woods today! A closeup portrait of me with my smiley face looking to the left.

An Irish Wolfhound who didn't want to play but was happy to greet in true doggy style. I did have to stretch up a bit to sniff though! 

A wild pony - not for playing with! Mum steered me away while Dad did his one-eyed-clickybox thing here.

Me and a fellow black lab. She and I enjoyed a fab game of chase - she kept pinching my ball so I had to chase her to get it back! In this pic, it is my turn to get her to chase me. I have the ball in my mouth and she is looking straight at me. We are both poised to run, tails high and very waggy.

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