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Saturday, 17 December 2016

All Wrapped Up!

Yep! 'Twas true! We have done looooooaaaads more of that wrappingshop thing today! Aaaaaallll day! My tail has never done so much wagging. My head has never been so well stroked or patted.

I did, of course, get to take Mum workywalkies a few times throughout the day too. Well....a dog's gotta do what a dog's gotta do sometimes! And, it seems, Mum has to sometimes too, so I had to take her to the human spending pen!

At the end of all the wrapping stuff today, a whole lot of humans turned up all wrapped up themselves - in red and white floaty fursubstitutes. They all stood inside the shop and did a load of human howling! There were no toot-toot parp-parps like the other day in town though, so I didn' t join in this time!

Me, wearing my red jingly Santa bandana and reindeer antlers, sitting on the mat in front of the shop. Immediately behind me on the floor is a pile of giant presents wrapped in green and gold paper with ribbons and bows. In the background can be seen tables and chairs with humans sitting wrapping presents. By the door, is a sign saying Free Gift Wrapping.

A closeup of me sitting in front of the giant parcels.

Me sitting outside the shop on the shiny lino floor. Behind me is the choir of red and white robed people.

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