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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Great day for a Workywalkies!

Took Mummy for a loooooong workywalkies this morning - just for the pure pleasure of it! I'm not sure which of us enjoyed it the most. Mum got to listen to all the tweeting, chirping featherballs - lots of them all doing a heck of a lot of tweeting, chirping, twittering and whistling - oh and some that were cawing and craaarking too, but they are somehow less pleasant to hear for a Mummyhuman. She likes the ones that sing! I got to meet and greet a fair few doggypals. I also got away with leaving a few weemail messages too. I can sometimes convince Mum that I REALLY need to be a busy boy - usually when there is a conveniently placed tree or bush! It seemed that most of the other dogs were lucky enough to be freerunning in the Upper Gardens and down on the beach. I, of course, was working in harness, so meeting and greeting was all I was allowed to do. I didn't mind though - it was a lovely long walk and I was enjoying strutting my stuff

When we got to the town and then the Lower Gardens and ultimately on to the pawmenade, I really had to work hard guiding Mum in and around all the crowds. It was heaving with gazillions of humans and dogs! I did it though! Actually, it seems I was doing a far better job than a manhuman who was trying to be a guidedog (or maybe that should be a guideman). He had a blind lady holding his front paw and front leg and he was guiding her through the crowds coming towards Mum and me. He bumped straight into Mum! (There was nothing I could do to steer Mum any further over out of his way because of the crowds). He stopped and said lots of 'Sorry' things to her. His face went a funny shade of pink. Mum says this was because he was embarrassed. I guess this pink face thing must be the human version of tail-between-legs-head-down-slink-away. He said he is a Sighted Guide instructor and he was super ashamed of his spectacular failure - especially bumping into a Visually Impaired Person! They all three did lots of laughing about it and I got some nice fusses from him and from his blind ladyhuman. She is now going to think about getting a Guide Dog as she now thinks we are better than humans! Heehee! Well.... of couurse we are!!!

The beach and pawmenade were super full up with humans and dogs. There were lots of humans on wheeliewizzers too but they couldn't whizz very much because they couldn't get through the crowds! We walked a long way along there. It was lovely. Mum really enjoyed it and I was happy to be just having a workywalkies for the fun of it. No shops, no kerbs, no crossings..... just lots of legs! The fireball was high in the sky and the wet splosh wasn't very sploshy. It was just pleasant and peaceful.

When we got to the place that Mum calls the PoshNosh CarPark (something about a very expensive human yummyery right by the pawmenade, where the road comes down to meet the beach) at Branksome, she asked me to 'find the seat'. There are a few long seats there and I found an empty one for Mum. She sat down, removed my harness and noseband and gave me some yummies to say thankyou for a good job! She then asked her talkybone to 'Call Tim'. While we waited (ages) for Dad to arrive to pick us up, we just sat together and watched and listened to all the sights and sounds of the ocean and all the happenings there.

There were still huge numbers of people and dogs and wheeeliewizzers coming and going. There were even some strange things on the ocean; They sounded a bit like vroomvroom-wheeliewizzers that go on the roads. They had humans standing or sitting on them, some of them wearing those strange domed alien-head things. They were whizzing about on the water and seemed to have huge long tails pointing up behind them and curling back down into the water. I watched them for ages.

There were quite a lot of doggypals coming along - some on leads and some freerunning. I tried singing to a few as I was sitting there. One or two of them responded to my wooing and came over for a sniff. Mum, it seems though, appreciates my singing less than that of the featherballs! I got told to shush! HUFFFF!

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