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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Share and Share Alike!

WooooooEeeee! Mum says I have 1850 'likes' on my Facebook page. She says that is a big number. She says that if I had a treat for every one of them, I would be seriously porky! Now that sounds like a good plan to me! In fact, I think I rather fancy the idea of getting up to 2000 'likes' and then having a treat for each one......... I don't have to eat the ALL at once ...... I could stop for a drink in the middle!
So, if every one of you would be willing to share a link to my page and encourage your friends to follow me, I might just get to find out what it feels like to be porky..... Well, maybe I could dream about it anyway.....
More importantly, it will help to spread the word about us Guide Dogs and what a difference we make to our Visually Impaired human partners. A bonus would be to have a few more people order my calendars so we raise some more shinydisks to sponsor another puppy to be trained to change another life.

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