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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Blimmin Dull-Elm....

Daddy abandoned us again this morning, so I took Mummy workywalkies. She actually obeyed my directions! We went into Pets at Home! Yippeee! Not only that, but she accepted my guiding straight to the yummy aisle! AND she actually scooped some yummies from one of those boxes into a rustlybag! She didn't let me get away with much hoovering though. She conned me. She told me to 'Sit', which I very obediently did, thinking I would be getting a yummy for doing so. All I got was a 'Good boy', a quick ear tickle and a 'Find the checkout' command! Hufff! All that time I was sitted I could have been hoovering the floor and shelves! The ladyhuman at the checkout was nice to me. She gave me a biccie!

On our way along the busy road where the pavement is also a wheeliewizzerway, a ladyhuman was coming towards us on her wheeliewizzer. (She was only wizzing quite slowly!). She kind of slowed right down and then wobbled and then went whump sideways. I speeded us to her and rushed in to check her out. Mum held out her paw and helped her get up again. She assured Mum she was OK and got back on her wheeliwizzer and rode off. Another big vroomvroom-wheeliewizzer then appeared on the pavement with a strange alien on it. This alien was all green with a huge round green head. It sounded like a muffled manhuman when Mum yacketyyacked with it. It was asking if everything was OK. Mum said yes and thanked the alien for stopping to check. Then the green wheeliewizzer went vroom again and the alien wizzed off on it.

We carried on our walk and ended up at that blimmin Dull-elm place. Mum got some funny looking blobs of multicoloured wound-up fluffy megalong-whiskers and two sharp sticks. I'm not too sure what she plans to do with them but I hope she keeps them away from me!

We returned home along the towpath and arrived back on our floatyboatyhome a little while before Dad returned.

The next workywalkies was to the shop in town where we spent the evening and where I got a picnic dinner!

Apparently time is fast running out for ordering calendars in time for Christmas so, if you haven't ordered yours yet to help raise funds to train another pup to do a lifechanging job like me, then NOW is the time!

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