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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Why Can't I Take Away a Takeaway???

Bags packed. Workywalkies (to give another calendar to the person in a cage at the Post Office). Car ride. Workywalkies in a totally new place called Shaftsbony or something - with a humdinger of a steep hill (Dad did his one-eyed-clickybox thing there). More car ride. HOME! Floatyboatyhome! Yippee!

It was really cold when we arrived. Mum had forgotten to empty my waterbowl before we left the boat last time. I stuck my nose into it and it went crunch! Mum emptied it, washed it out and refilled it with proper wet water so I could have a drink! Now though, the hotbox is glowing and it is really cozy. Much better!

Dad went out and came back with a super yummy smelling bag. He said it was Chinese take-away, but he wouldn't let me take any of it away! Huff! Mum and Dad munched on it while I just had to endure the torture. They had some crunchy white disks with it and Mum dropped one of them. Well.... I had to do my duty..... I couldn't leave litter lying around could I? That disk stuck to my tongue and kind of flapped about on the end of it for a moment! I tackled it though and got it under control. It was rather yummy!

Now, time for cozy sofa snuggles with Mum. Night night all. xxx

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