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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Hob-nobbing Dog!

Workywalkies, weird humans, microhuman hoovering and dressing up. That about sums up today!

It was a great workywalkies - around Worthing town centre shoppyplaces: old stomping ground! I even remembered where to "Find Costa" when Mum asked me to. We didn't stay there though as it was packed. Instead we went to a place called Nero. In there it was much quieter and more relaxed. i had to guide Mum to "Find upsteps" then I found her a nice seat by the window. It was a pleasant relax in the midst of the work of guiding Mum around the crowded streets. A chance also to lick my poor nose after its donk from a lady's bag as I tried to steer Mum around her on the pavement.

We met a manhuman that Mum and Dad seem to know. He looked a bit weird - all in unusual fursubstitutes and holding a big shiny dingdong thing. He had a kind of triangle thing on his head and his outside fursubstitute was Guide Dogs colours! I figured that makes him OK! He smelled friendly too, so I posed with him for Dad to click his talkybone at us. Dad says he is Bob the Town Crier. I didn't notice any leaky eyes so I don't think he was crying!  There was another nice manhuman there too. His name, apparently, is Dave Hunt. Mum and Dad used to listen to him when he was inside the tiny talkybox beside their bed and in the car.

Also, as we were going around town, I met another little doggypal who was dressed up. Her name was Dotty, the Dachshund. She was wearing a red and white costume. Hers covered her whole body whereas mine was just my santa bandana and reindog antlers, oh, and a big fluff of shiny sparkly stuff all around my harness handle! Dotty and I greeted with a mutually consoling sniff! The things we dogs go through to please our humans!

After a return to our humankennelblock room for a snooze while Mum and Dad did some of their wrapping stuff (like in the wrapping up shop last week!), we then went to another couple of shops, which involved guiding Mum around a huge dark carpark with no pavements. (I don't like it when there are no pavements. My training was all about keeping Mum safely on pavements!).

Next stop was Rosie's home again. That's where my hoovering skils were truly appreciated! Microhuman Hallie scattered loads of nosh from her chair-on-stalks! Rosie makes yummy nosh!

I dragged Daddy out for a bit of a leisure walkies in the evening, while Mum and Rosie were occupied doing microhuman stuff and choppy-sizzly kitchen stuff. I reckon Dad and I got a lucky escape there!

Me with Bob the Town Crier (dressed in royal blue ceremonial coat with bright yellow trim, plus black tricorn hat, breeches and long white socks, pkus shiny buckled shoes, and holding a huge handbell). On the other side of me is Dave, the radio presenter, dressed in normal human stuff: jeans and a zip up fleece.

Me enjoying a mutual nose-sniff with little Dotty.

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