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Sunday, 1 January 2017

Walkies Church!

I think I am liking this New Year thing. It started with a fantabulous freerun! It seems that was today's church service too! I VERY like that idea!

Waking up with company in my bedroom is always a good start. Debbi and Ryan are good bedroom buddies. Soon after enduring the torture of starvation while they all munched their breakfasts (Mum told me I had already had mine - I don't remember. She says if I didn't gallumph it down so quickly I might remember it better!), we all set off out in the car. We didn't go far, but the location made me a bit squeaky. We were at Snelsmore Common again. I think this is becoming one of my favouritest places! Today, my squeak got squeakier when I discovered we were joining lots of humanfriends AND two other doggypals for a big all-together trip around the woods! It was FANTABULOUS! I lost sight of Mum and Dad lots of times as they were in amongst the crowd of humans. Ryan kept up with me for quite a lot of the time and that was great fun. I also raced around with my doggy buddies too. We walked around bits of the woods that we've never been in before so there were lots of weemails to read and a fair few messages to leave for others too.

After a bit of time back home, Debbi and Ryan left and I took Daddy out for a walkies to get a couple of things from a shop. We were a bit soggy when we got back so Mum attacked me with a towel! Of course, that simply had to mean a game of tug! Heehee! I'm not sure who won but it was fun!

Now, I think I have some snugglesnooze to catch up on. The humans were at the table all last evening until reeeeealllly late, so I missed out. Muuuum..... shove over a bit - you have to share that sofa you know!

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