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Tuesday, 3 January 2017


I walked on water! Well....sort of.....actually, I skidded! My front paws went in separate directions! It looked like a puddle but it didn't splosh and it wasn't wet. It was blimmin cold though!

When we got up this morning, everything was white and crunchy outside. when I did a wee, the air around me went all fuzzy and huffy. I found a passing doggypal to have a game of chase with and we were both making clouds of huff from our mouths. Mum was quite pleased because the mud was solid, unlike yesterday when it was proper mucky mud.

I've actually had quite a lazy day. We cruised a little way, worked just one lock and a cheaty pawpointer-on-button lifty-up bridge. We are now at a different floatyboat kennel place; the one where manhumans do things to the floatyboats - there have been bangbangbangs, zizz-zizz-zizzes and vvvvrrrrrrrrs going on all afternoon.

Humanfriends Art and Yvette came to visit. That inevitably meant a snooze time for me while the usual yackety-yacking and hot brown water thing went on.

Now, there seem to be bags everywhere being filled with lots of stuff. Uh-oh!

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