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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Let Sleeping Dust Lie...

I'm keeping out of the way. Soooooo much stuff seems to be getting stuffed into big black rustly bags! I don't fancy being packed away too.

Mum has been doing endless amounts of that 'sorting out' thing. Every draw, cupboard, cubby hole and shelf has been 'sorted' in Granny's bedroom today. Loads and loads of fursubstitutes have been bagged, but they don't seem to have disappeared out the door like the ones Mum said are full of 'chuck its'. Dad has been pointing his one-eyed clickybox at many items too - Mainly furniture, but other things too. Now he seems to be very busy on his clicketyfingers toy.

Through all of this, Mum has been doing loads of stroking-with-bright-yellow-cloth and smellysquirtstuff. A lot of the time, Mum and Dad have been doing aacchhoooss And then snorting into a white flappy thing. I've just come in from a nice walkies and my nose started to explode too! Mum says it is because she is disturbing a few decades worth of dust. Well, maybe she should let sleeping dust lie!

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