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Saturday, 21 January 2017

The Bestest Day. Ever.

WayyhaayyyyWoohoooooYippeeeeeee! What a fantabulous fandabbydoozee splendiferous day! I must be really old now.....AAAALLL my birthdays came together today!

We set out in the car and my excited-squeak got steadily louder as we turned into the road leading to my favouritest place - Hengistbury Head. As soon as we had parked and Mum opened the carbumdoor, she said "Go on then....off you go" and I wasted not a millisecond! Straight up the steep bank and into the big openspace grassy area. That in itself was just fantastic! I looooooove that place! But, after just a few moments, and once Mum and Dad had managed to get up and over the steep bank to join me, I heard my name being called. Then I saw a familiar buddy racing towards me......Then......oh boy! I just didn't know which way to run first......My PuppyMummy, Sue and PuppyDaddy Mike were there, and the buddy was Guide Dog Puppy Raymond! My tail thumped my shoulders! Wooooohoooooo!

I did manage to stop for just long enough to greet PuppyMummy and PuppyDaddy but Raymond and I wasted no time in racing off to do doggyfunstuff. We had a fab time whizzing and racing and chasing and chewing and leaping and - well..... all the stuff that any self-respecting doggybuddies do in a huge open space. We then had to endure the torture of trying to behave under the table while the humans did a load of noshing and yacketying in the cafe. We tried our best but it was really hard to stay still and good. Finally though they finished and we were off to play again!

We went all the way up and over the big hill, down the other side, and back along the road track. We had a fantastic time of it. I don't think I have done so much running for a very long time. Of course the humans did loads and loads and loads of yachetying - but we didn't care! I showed Raymond all the muddy bits and all the weemail hubs. We found some huge puddles - but they didn't splosh - they crunched! I guided him into the green stinky puddles too - a couple of them kind of crunched but were still nice and wet and drinkable in the middle.

At the end, when it was time to say goodbyes, MummySue gave me a new toy. It is a kind of squidgy bright orange thing with three legs that have a sort of ball-shaped bit on the end. It is great! I have tested it out by chucking it around the lounge this evening! Thank you PuppyMummy Sue​. I love it! Mum and Dad dragged me away to go to our car and Raymond broke free from them and came racing after me. Mum was mean though - she got hold of his lead and handed him back to PuppyMummy! We had to go our seperate ways! :(


Now, I have to admit to feeling a tad sleepy and I think I need to dream it all over again ..... so.....Mum's lap.....legpillow.......yeah.....that'll do nicely......zzzzzzz.....Raymond.....buddy.....wait for me.....come back......the best mud is this way........

7 photos; 5 of me playing with Puppy Raymond - he is the bigger skinnier one! 1 of me playing iwth my new toy and 1 of me snuggled on Mum's lap.

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