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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Sent packing!

Ugh! I thought the bag packing was never going to end! It continued this morning. Loads and loads of it. I even had to get off my bed while they emptied the cupboard underneath and packed all that stuff into bags! My world has been packed away!

Lots of the bags got loaded into the car. The rest were all piled up at the back end of our floatyboatyhome. Even the big white cupboard that lights up when it opens was all emptied and the light and whirrybuzzer went off.

Finally, it was all done and I got to take Mum for a walk along the towpath. I managed to lead her successfully past the lock, on over a road and then into the big meadow! Yayyhayy! I got a freerun! At one point, when I was enjoying a good old sniffabout, Mum did a peep-peep-peep on her whistle, so I raced back to her. She was holding her talkybone up all the while. Apparently she was doing something called a slo-mo video of me running towards her. She says it is a bit dark but not too bad for a first attempt. I shall post it seperately after this blog.

Dad eventually came to fetch us in the packed up car. It was a longish drive, ending back here at Granny's flat in Bournemouth.

Whilst Mum was busy unpacking everything, I had to take Dad on a one-eyed-clickybox mission to the sticky-out-over-the-ocean-platform. I rather hoped this might mean another freerun on the beach, but my hopes were in vain! Huff! I had to be satisfied with a long walkies instead.

Photo of me - just my head, gleaming in the evening sunshine, looking longingly at the beach.

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