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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Not a Bad Day, I Suppose...

Happy soggy sandy Oakley! Again!

Not as good as yesterday - I missed my buddy GuideDogPuppy Raymond, but another trip to a beach is always welcome anyway.

It seems that these flying clouds of featherballs are something rather special for humans. 'Starling Murmurations' they call them. Blimmin frustrating interruption in a good freerun is what I call them! There were gazillions of humans all standing up on the grassytuftyhumps on the beach, all waiting and watching for this cloud of flappers. There were also gazillions of bored, frustrated doggypals - all stymied by humans on the other end of leads. We did all get to have a good romp around on the beach beforehand though. I suppose that is some compensation.

One particuarly good fun buddy was Jasper the Collie x GSD. He is only 8 months old and we had a fab game of chase with good measures of boxing, rolling, chewing and - well - you know - boydog games!

Dad says he will be posting photos of the happenings in the sky on our floatyboaty blog NB Sola Gratia​ (click on the name link to take a look).

Here is a couple of photos of me and Jasper having fun.

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