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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Leaky Sky - Indoors!

Pup did good methinks! Big workywalkies this morning - aaaaallll the way into town, via the Upper Gardens, then around the shops - 'Find Boots', 'Find Tescos' and 'Find Smiths' - in Smiths, it was 'Find upsteps and, after oodles of that 'browsing' thing (I just sat down and waited!), it was 'Find downsteps' and 'Find the door' - then back through Lower Gardens, along the pawmenade and up Middle Chine (a brief chance to freerun!). I had to work quite hard for Mum as it was quite crowded in town and along the pawmenade.

When we got back to Granny's flat, Dad had a mug of that hot black water ready for Mum. She was very glad of that after that 4 mile hike. Mum told me I had been a good boy so I did a good 'sit' right by the big white light-up cupboard. Mum got the hint - well, I appreciate replenishment after working too! She gave me the BIGGEST carrot she could find in there! Yummmmmmm....She tried to persuade me to hold it so she could point her talkybone at me to make it click, but I just couldn't manage that kind of level of patience! That was too good a carrot to not munch!

I then kept out of the way and enjoyed a good snooze while Mum was busy doing loads more of that sorty-outy stuff. More black bags have been filled and taken away.

This evening things went a bit weird; It started leaky-skying - but INSIDE! Lots of big drips were pouring through the ceiling in the lobby. Dad did some rushing around upstairs and then downstairs, while Mum was doing loads and loads of stroking the floor with a stick-with-a-blob-of-blue-tails on the end. She stroked it about in the puddle and then squished it in a giant bowl-with-a-holey-bowl on top. This went on for ages and I had to wait to go out to do my doggy download. I was ready to burst by the time I got out with Daddy. Phew! No extra puddles! I took Daddy out while Mummy went upstairs to do a whole load more floor stroking. Humans are so peculiar!

Photo of me with half of the giant carrot left.

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