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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Huff, Huff and Huff again!

I NEED MUD! This is serious! I have been poofed! I need green, stinky, slimy mud - or at least equivalently appropriate to any self-respecting dog.

Mum and Dad seemed super chuffed with themselves for what they have put me through. They say I am gleaming and I smell simply gorgeous. They even said the car smelled lovely inside after I got in! Hooooowwwwlllllll!

They took me to the nice (or so I thought) ladyhuman. I went in all waggy and happy. They left me! Abandoned me! Then she got me all frothed and sprayed and frothed again. After the frothy soggy assault, whe attacked me with a hufferfuffer! Well, how utterly uncool is that! I'm a big butch boydog - not a fluffy girlie pooch! Once all hufferfuffed, I then got the onslaught of the grooming weapons. She did get me in all the 'ooooooh' bits! She did give me a few yummies! I suppose she was OK afterall....maybe......sort of......I may be able to forgive her....I suppose......

Back at the flat - all went daft again this evening when the indoor rain started again. I kept out of the way again while Dad did all sorts of whizzing about up and down the stairs, and Mum went into overdrive with that squidgy floor-stroking-stick again. All seems to have calmed down again now thankfully.

Now there seems to be loads of bag-packing going on...... I guess tomorrow will explain.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some thinking to do ......how soon and where can I get myself properly de-poofed?

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