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Sunday, 29 January 2017

... And We're Back!

Phewwyyyy! We are back in Bournemouth. WHAT a weekend! NONSTOP YACKETY-YACKETY-YACK-YACK-BLIMMIN-YACK! What IS it all about? There were a couple of doggy pals there too - Bess the old-ladydog and Shadow the GSD. We just had a good sniff and mutual nose-lick each time we met up then just settled down to snooze through allllllllll the jabberjaw! Last night, I thought Mum would NEVER stop! Most of the rest of the humans (including Dad) had gone off to their various rooms to bed but Mum and a couple of other ladyhumans stayed in the lounge and the yipping just went on and on and on. Apparently, when they finally surrendered and I got to drag Mum along the corridor so we could go to bed, the tickydisk was saying numbers 1.45 - that's like never-never-time! Neither of us did very well at getting up this morning. Actually, I got to stay in bed for an extra snooze while Dad took Mum to the yacketyroom and then to the yummyery room for breakfast. I had already had mine and then got back into bed!

I enjoyed a bit of a romp around the very soggy meadow at that nice house before we left. It was very sploshy all the way around it. The sky never stopped leaking all day. This included the journey back in the car. I really don't like it when it is all soggy outside the car and we are on the whizzyroads. The loud sloshing noise makes me go all shaky and pantypuffy and panicky. I tried ever so hard to climb over onto the back seat to get onto Mum's lap but my lead was hooked onto something in the very back (by the carbumdoor) and it just wouldn't let me. I was not a happy boy.

We are safely back now though and I've destressed by taking Dad for a leisure walkies. Mum said she didn't want to ask me to work on harness for her when I was so hyped up and stressed. She loves me! A nice big new bone has helped too.

Now if you will excuse me, I have some serious zzzzzs to catch up on and the sofa seems to be vacant......

Just a quick reminder though - there is now just a couple of days to make donations on my Just Giving page to enter into the draw for the beautifully drawn portrait of me (generously donated by Sarah Le Vallois Pencil Art​). The First name drawn at random after 8pm on Tuesday will win the portrait. The second will win the smaller frame to which will be added a print of your choice from any photo on my FB page and the third will win the cuddly doggy toy. One entry for every £ donated at www.justgiving.com/guidedogoakley3

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