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Monday, 16 January 2017

Freerunning Birds...

Wahaaayyy! A new freerun venue today! I loved it!

After church and then human lunches (of course - none for me! :( ) we set off in the car. Dad parked in a car park and I could see the sploshy stuff nearby so I got a bit squeaky. I was a bit miffed when Mum opened up the car's bumdoor and harnessed me up. 'Huff' I thought. 'Beach should mean freerun!'. It was exciting to be working somewhere new though, so it wasn't too terrible. We didn't go very far - just onto a big floatyboat. It was megabig and cars were driving onto it! So, I guess that means we've cruised today!

The big floatyboat didn't go far but it was mega clanky noisy! We walked on at one end and then off at the other. The cars that went on it did the same. When we got off at the other side (it only took a few minutes), we were on a sandy beach! Woohooooo! I thought and I may just have let out a squeak or several and maybe just tugged a tad hard on my harness! Oops! Sorry Mum! Even the pavement was squishy underpaw with all the sand! I only had to work a little way further before Mum asked me to 'find left'. This left was straight onto the sandy beach proper! Then off came my harness, lead and noseband and Mum said those bestest words "Go Play".

I think I may have made a bit of a berk of myself at that point - I certainly made Mum and Dad laugh anyway! My bum was leaping about all over the place. I was just so happy! We had to climb up over lots of sandy hills with spiky grass all over it  - a bit like wacky headfur tufts on top! Then we came to flat beach with lots of huge puddles and streams across it. Mum and Dad stepped very carefully across the streams and went around all the big puddles. I just had a fabulous time charging through all of them! I went into superchage mode when I found a couple of whippets to play chase with. Mum and Dad were quite impressed that I kept up with them! There were many other poochpals to play with too and I just had a great time.

After a while of just loonying about on the sand and in the sploshies, we turned and hiked up into the tuftytop sandhills. There were lots of other humans up there too - most of them with one-eyed-clickyboxes like Dad. This bit was a terrible interruption in my freerun. I had to wait around for aaaaaages while they all stood watching a gazillion featherballs all zooming around in a great cloud together. Apparently this was something very spectacular. It just made me squeak! I wanted to run some more. I got my wish eventually and did some more zoomies on the way back to the big floatyboat.

As it is Sunday, I reminded Mum that I needed a new bone. She gave me a wonderful big knobblyknuckle. She clearly forgot that I already had two on the go. Shhhhhhh! Don't tell her!

Six Photos of me on Studland Beach.
One of the flapping twirling featherballs that so rudely interrupted my freerun.

More photos can be found on Dad's blog www.onephotographaday.org.uk

Me silhouetted against the golden sand with a rough patch beneath my paws where I was enjoying a good dig.

Wide open space and oooooodles of sand to run around on. Me standing with my tail wagging in the middle of a huge expanse of sandy beach, grass-tufted dunes on the left, ocean in the distance.

Me beside one of the little humps of sand with a funky headfur or grassy spikes.

I think I did really well at keeping up with two whippets. Dad couldn't keep up with us with his one-eyed-clickybox. We were running so fast, we were blurred!

I'm coming Mum! Me running towards Mum, ears flapping, big wide smile on my face, across the sand. One of the streams in the background.

Sploshychops! Portrait of me. looking up to the left with sploshes of water all over my nose and ears.

The huge cloud of flapping featherballs in the sky. Apparently this is known by humans as a 'Murmeration of Starlings' This is what made me squeak because it meant I had to stand still for ages.

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