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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Hissing Furball Nosh.

I think I was conned! I took Mum for a lovely long workywalkies - just for the pleasure of it - or so I thought..... actually, it seems it was to 'tire me out' (no chance!). Dad picked us up in the car and we went for a bit of a drive. We arrived at the biggest hugenormous gigantichumungdus shop ever. Mum says it was called Asbo or something similar in a town called Eastleigh. We went inside and, to my waggyest delight met my buddy Guide Dog Thomas! (oh... and his humandad Pete), and a few other Guide Dogs blue people. Fantastic! I thought..... actually, it seems that Thomas was just leaving and we were going in! Huff!

We went upstairs and first stop was the human yummyery where Mum and Dad had lunch. I had to content myself with the one single tiny green ball that Mum dropped on the floor!

Next was a quick workywalkies around the yummies-and-yuckies section of the big shop. I managed successfully to steer Mum to the yummies bit and she did do the right thing by getting carrots. I failed though to steer her away from the yuckies - she insisted on getting celery and some other green, red and white things that I don't like. It was a good challenge though, to work around a new place. I found the checkout and then the exit no problem. We went back out to the car, Dad loaded the shopping into it, and then we went back inside the shop again. How odd! I thought.

This time, we were met by a Guide Dogs blue ladyhuman and I had to follow her to guide Mum (and Dad) to a room upstairs. Inside, I found another Guide Dog colleague; a blonde girlie labrador. Fab! I thought......but all we got to do was to sniff-greet. We then spent the rest of the afternoon at opposite ends of the room, snoozing, while all the humans yackety-yacked and clicketyfingersded. Mum says it was a course on how to use her talkybone and clicketyfingerstoy when she can't see the screen.

When that was all over, we got back in the car and drove back to Bournemouth. Before returning to Granny's flat, we went to another little tiny shop. It was full - floor to ceiling - with balls and balls of those strange long tails that Mum seems to be twiddling with a pair of sticks. While Mum and Dad were busy yacketying with the ladyhuman in there, I managed to sneak away to follow my nose. I detected a yummy smell worth seeking out; in the room at the back of the shop there was a manhuman and two hissing furballs. The furballs hissed at me and ran away to hide, but that didn't matter. What I was seeking was the source of the yummy smell; hissing furball nosh! I found it and managed to snaffle a good couple of mouthfuls before the manhuman hoiked me away and delivered me back to Mum, who plonked her back paw firmly on my lead while she was doing her plastic rectangle thing. Harrumph!

It seems that the ladyhuman and the manhuman still liked me though - they said they hope to see us again!

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