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Saturday, 14 January 2017


Fuffy air this morning meant that Mum laughed at me. She said I looked like I was going to take off. My ears were like wings! It was OK walking around the streets but, after a good trip into town, we went down through the gardens and along the pawmenade. This was all very nice but the fuffy air was fuffing the sand in clouds along the ground. It was bad enough for the high-up humans but, for me it was nasty. This meant that, instead of Mum's original plan to walk all the way along to Middle Chine, we cut short and climbed up the zigzag path instead. Well, what a shame! Ahem! That meant I got to have a freerun in the CliffTop Park! Heeheeeeee!

It seems that lots of people like Mum's idea of this raffley thingy for my portrait. She says something about a trip tomorrow to get it framed, then I will post more info on how it will work. Watch this space.......

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