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Monday, 2 January 2017

Back Where we Belong!

Happy day! Team towpath back where we belong!

Yesssssss! I have been workywalkiesing Mum just where we love to workywalkies the mostest; Along the towpath with Dad following in the boat, us working locks and bridges! 7.5 miles (some of it cruised on the back deck! We didn't walk all of it), 9 locks, 4 pushy-pully swingbridges and 1 pawpointer-on-button cheaty swingbridge. It has been a fandabbydoozee day!

Mum was super pleased with me for my working. I got quite a good supply of edible back up to the praise! I also got to meet and greet quite a good number of doggy pals. One was a little beagle puppy called Oscar. Mum said he was super cute. I walked off in disgust! How dare she admire another dog more than me?! Huffff! I did come back though ..... well..... I knew what she had in her pocket! I forgave her!

I also had a fab game of chase with a Cocker Spaniel girly called Ruby. This was at one of the swingbridges. Ruby was there with her humans and, at first, she seemed a bit scared but I won her round and her mum let her offlead so we could have a good play. Great fun! While we were doing the important stuff of playing chase, Ruby's minihuman had a short ride on our boat with Dad, and she helped Mum to push the very heavy swingbridge round. Because it was mega heavy, it took a long time to push. all the more time for doggy games! Yayyyy!

I've just been out for my final wee and the grass was mega crunchy. It is super cozy inside our floatyboatyhome though with the hotbox glowing red. perfect for much needed sofasnugglezzzzzz...zzzz....

Meeting Ruby - black and white cocker spaniel lying down beside swingbridge, me approaching to say hello.

Sniffy greetings - Ruby still lying down being cautious but we are meeting nowe-to-nose.

Chase game on! Ruby and me racing at full speed around the legs of three humans.

Flying chase! - me at full speed - all four paws off the ground chasing Ruby with three humans watching and laughing.

Sofasnuggles with Mum

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