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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Respect to the Mini Human!

OK. Back now. Time to tell all about yesterday's madness:

It all started off with a very pleasant freerun in the clifftop park. Lucy and Lola, my whippet pup-pals, were there for a good game of chase. Dad picked up Mum and me in the car and off we set to Worthing. We went to a house that we visited once before - back in the summer. It had different humans in it then - and all sorts of stuff - human stuff - chairs, sofas, etc. This time, it had NO stuff at all in it and Rosie was there but no sign of the other humans from before.

I got to explore the garden and just kind of laze about the place while Mum and Dad and Rosie were busy stroking everything. Mum was stroking everything in the kitchen with wet cloths and frothy squirt stuff. Dad and Rose were stroking the walls of the main room with strange rollystick things that changed the colour of the wall as it stroked. It smelled funny and nobody seemed to want me involved in helping. I got a bone to gnaw on and was allowed to take it upstairs 'out of the way'. Well that was fine by me!

I got to take Mum workywalkies to the huge Tesco to get human lunches. That was good to do! I remembered the route from when we used to work around the area. I also met a fellow black lab pup. We only got to meet and greet because I was, of course, on harness and he was apparently only allowed short calm walks because the vet has recently made him a bit sore in a delicate area! It was nice to squeak at each other though!

When we got back, Rosie was just arriving back in her car too. She had been to collect microhuman Hallie. I soon discovered she is not quite so micro anymore. She is mobile! Eeeeeek! She was mimicking me by moving on four paws! Respect to her! She has the right idea unlike the adult humans who do that peculiar balancing on two paws all the time!

We were at this house for forever yesterday! I even had my picnic tea there - in a bright pink bowl! I'm a boy! How humiliating! Oh well, it was food! I tolerated the shame! James arrived after that and there was loads of yackety yacking going on. It seems that this is now Rosie and James and Hallie's new home. I hope they get some sofas and beds and things. It is all a bit strange and bare in there. It seems there is much more wall stroking and other stuff to do first though.

Mum says it was nearly today when we arrived back in Bournemouth in the middle of the night. We were all very yawny and didn't really want to wake up this morning, but we had to because I have had to take Mum on a mission to the huge humanvets to get a spike stuck into her front leg. This was a great workywalkies! I had to really strut my stuff because Dad didn't come with us. I had to guide Mum to the bus stop (via a nice longish walkies first), then into the huge humanvets and then to the spikey-stabby department. I remembered where this was from our one visit there, which was well over a year ago. Mum was uber-pleased with me!

On the way back, we got off the bus part-way along the journey and I had to take Mum around a huge Tesco's. She said we needed carrots so I took her straight to them and my bum did a triumphant bounce on the floor! It is always good to make humans laugh! I didn't get my bit of carrot though until after I had guided Mum around some other bits of the shop and then to 'find the checkout'. It was a yummy chunk of carrot though - worth waiting for! I got the rest of the big carrot when we got back to Granny's flat! Yummmmmm!

Now, after all that hard work, I shall excuse myself and just stretch out in this lovely warm glow coming in through the huge see-through doors......zzzzzz........

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