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Monday, 9 January 2017

I met a Fan!!! Extra Fusses!!!

Thank you everyone for my Waggy Woofday Wishes. If only I had a yummy for every one of them...... Mum says that if I had a carrot for each one, then my chin-wisdom-whiskers would turn orange instead of silver. Hmmmm.... wouldn't that clash with Mum's headfur if she makes it go purple or pink again?

Today has been spent mainly doing some serious work on my latest bone. I have conquered it! I have got every morsel of that delectable gooey stuff out of the middle. Yummmmmm! Mum then got that beastie carpet-stroking huffer thing and it went crackly crunchy when she stroked the bit of floor where I had been working all day. She says I will have a big case of bonebum tomorrow. I can handle that!

A brief and very soggy trip into town meant I met one of my fans; a nice ladyhuman called Ruth in Wilko's. It is always nice to meet my fans - they all come with good fusses!

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