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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Blimmin Clickybox...

Right! That's it! I'm putting myself up for adoption! I need new humans that are less mean than these ones!

Yet again, Dad tortured me by letting me take him to the beach, but then not letting me go play! Harrrrrummmpphhh! I escorted him all the way through the Clifftop Park, my girlfriends Lucy and Lola the whippet pups were there - playing! Did I get to join in? Did I heckaslike! Nope! My lead and noseband stayed firmly ON! I led him beautifully all the way down the long steep slope to the over-the-ocean-stickyout-platform, waited patiently while he played with his one-eyed-clickybox thing AGAIN! Then we went onto the beach - and all I got to do was yet more waiting! Hooooooowwwwwlllll!

I then showed him the way to the shinydisks shop (he called it the bank - not a river in sight though!). I got some nice fusses in there, so that bit was OK. I will let him off that! We then headed back to Granny's to find Mum busy doing loads of that 'sorting out' thing she does so much of.

A bit later came yet more torture: A workywalkies trip around a huge Sainsbury's. Not an atom of a snaffle did I find in there! Not even a sniffter of a carrot crumb on the floor! Some fusses and praise from Mum for good work helped a little to make up for the lack of sustenance I suppose..... but....but....but.....

When we got back from that trip, Dad got onto his clicketyfingersing toy and its window showed some of the things I had to do all that waiting around. The things he points his one-eyed-clickybox at. Apparently he is doing something called a photo-a-day-blog and it can be found at

This is today's photo of the huge twirly wheel in Bournemouth. There were humans inside the cages hanging on this as it twirled around!

So, will anybody have me? Pleeease? Someone who will feed me tons and take me freeruns all day? Pleeeeease? ......Oh......wait......no......cancel that.....Mum has just appeared with a HUUUUUUUGE knobbly bone. Heeeheeee! Slurp!

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