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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Does my Bum Look Big in This?

We went home - to our floatyboatyhome! Very briefly - and I wasn't allowed aboard! Hufffff! Mum says it was all a bit of a building site inside and there was a load of polly's tyre een balls everywhere that would do me no good if I hoovered them. As if I would dream of doing such a thing......! So, I had to sit on white crunchy ground outside, while Mum and Dad went aboard briefly to yackety with Richard the boat-fixit manhuman. The next bit was great though: I simply had to take Mum along the towpath (well it would have been simply utterly wrong not to wouldn't it? As we were back in our canal environment!). This towpath just 'happens' to lead to the wonderful freerun meadow! Heehee! The sky seemed to be on fire so Mum pointed her talkybone at it and got a picture with my bum in it too!

All this came after a workywalkies into Bournemouth town this morning. I took Mum to Boots first, then to a pawcovers shop, then to Specsavers. I got to make some new humanfriends in all of them! Shopping is not a bad occupation really, it usually comes with ear tickles! In Specsavers, I had to guide Mum upstairs and into a little room with a nice ladyhuman. I had to lie down (Not a bad snoozy carpet!) while Mum sat in a big chair. She had some very odd eyewindowframes on her face and the ladyhuman put little round windows in and out of one side. (the other side stayed with a black one in it - that is Mum's useless eye). Next, we had to go back downstairs again, where Mum tried on lots of different eye windows. She chose (with Dad's help as he had joined us by this point) one pair and, it seems, the ladyhuman is going to sort them out so that they help Mum to see a bit better.

Next stop was a human yummyery before setting out on the drive to our floatyboatyhome. Now we are back at Granny's once again - the drive back was rather slow and it meant that I was wilting away by the time we arrived; my dinner was nearly two hours late! I don't know how I survived! I'm sure I must be wasting away now. I'm sure I should have had at least double rations to make up for the delay.......

Photo of the sunset across Aldermaston Meadow shows a glowing orange sky with a line of trees silhouetted on the horizon and a frosty field in the foreground. In the middle is me!

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