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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Who is this Annie Versary person?

Mum says that today is something called our Annie Versary. Something about that we qualified as a working partnership four years ago today. Well, I know nothing about this Annie Versary person, but I do know that today has been rather splendid!

I took Mum workywalkies to the red-striped shop that has all the delectables behind seethrough walls. She bought me a huge bone. She asked the red-striped manhuman to cut it up - so now I have THREE bones! I have a suspicion that Mum has put the two biggest ones in the chilly white cupboard.

Next came a car ride to the Guide Dogs better-behave-myself building. There were loads of young colleague-dogs there, but I had to be on my bestest behaviour and couldn't do any better than squeak to them. I maaaay just have ever so slightly forgotten my manners momentarily when I err.... accidentally..... shouted across the room..... oops! It seems the main purpose of our visit was for Mum and Dad to hand over a big bag of shinydisks to add to our puppy-fundraising. I did go on a very brief excursion upstairs with a manhuman who got me to sit on the platform that gave him my numbers. Apparently 28.75 is a good number of cagies for me! 'Just perfect' was a term I heard. Well..... of course!

The next bit of the day was fabtabulous: A freerun! Yayyyhayyyy! A huge field with a couple of buddies to meet n greet and, one in particular, to romp with: an Alaskan Huskie named Snowy.

The final drive was back to our very cozy floatyboatyhome for my dinner, followed by a good bone-munching session and finally sofasnuggles with Mum.

Now.....if this is what an Annie Versary is all about ...... I therefore need to find one everyday....... ....... ....... If we qualified four years ago today ....... tomorrow must be Annie's Versary of our first solo walk together ...... the next day was our first bus-ride ........ ooooh! I'm sure we can find something to remember each day.......

Arrival at freerun field. Sit for lead removal.

Oops! False start! Bum off the ground slightly prematurely! Lead still attached!

Lead detached. Bum still where it belongs, but poised for the command....

"Go play" Yayyyyy! 

Reading weemails.

A good shake to loosen up - ears caught mid-fling.

Dad.....why do you have to click that one-eyed clickybox at me?

Play bows with Snowy the Huskie.

Bone-chomp time! Mmmmmmmmm.

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