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Saturday, 5 November 2016

Cozy and Warm!

Home and cozy.

My bed is the bit of the sofa nearest the glowing hotbox. Lovely!

Outside there are pops and bangs and fizzes and wizzes going off all around but I've got my Mummy's snuggles. They can pop, bang, fizz and wizz all they like. We are safe and warm and snuggly happy!

We arrived at our floatyboatyhome earlier today after I had taken Mum walkies while Dad packed bags and things into the car. In the clifftop park there were some humanpuppies kicking a ball around. Mum wouldn't let me join in. Spoilsport! She said I would pop the ball. Well.....surely that's the aim of the game isn't it? Oh well! It meant I simply had to take her all the way down the ziggyzaggy path instead. Of course, that meant we ended up on the beach! Heeeheee! Wooppeeee! Sand......zoomies......pals to play with.......water to splosh in.......yayyhayy! Mum, you really are daft aren't you? How can a self respecting Labrador possibly stay dry in such circumstances? Especially when there is a golden retriever dragging me into the wet splosh! I didn't get completely soaked...... only my legs and tummy!

Photo of me lying on my bed, which is a blue fleece with black pawprints all over it (they are meant to be there, my paws weren't THAT grubby!). The sofa is on the right hand side of the photo. On the left is the glowing hotbox (a black Morsø stove with a glowing coalfire inside). To the right of the hotbox is the set of two wooden steps leading up to the front doors of the boat. Behind my shoulder is HUMPhrey, my golden coloured teddybear.

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