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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Shove It!

Uhhh! I still starved today! This time change malarkey is torture! I even resorted to chewing my huge teddy but he didn't alleviate my hunger. Even the huge bowlful of carrot trimmings did nothing to sustain me. I think Mum had ideas that it would throw my tummy off the trail of the late dinnertime but my tummy is not that daft! I finally manage to melt Mum hard-hearted attempt to keep me starved until SHE thought it was the right time. I soggied her knee, I paced the floor, I whimpered and squeaked and soggied the other knee - then she got the message that I was just too weak through utter malnutrition that I simply couldn't survive another moment without my dinner. She says it was still earlier than it should be. Huhhhh! Just HOW daft does she think I am? !!

Then she has the audacity to get me working to take her, along with Dad, Aunty Judy, Uncle John and Cousin Ben, to a human yummyery, where they all sat munching for like forever....... and not a single atom of it came my way!

Right! That's it! I'm gonna get my protest noted ....... Now..... Mum is on the sofa next to me ..... if I just wedge my shoulder firmly against this sticky-up headrest bit on the side ..... back paws in just the right place against Mum's back leg ...... and SHOVE! Yep! That worked! I now have two thirds of the sofa! Hah!

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