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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

I Love my Mummy!!!

Yayy! I got my Mummy back!

But only at the end of a barmy day!

First of all I took Daddy walkies in Bournemouth. Then he took me to the vet who spiked me in the neck again! Beasty lady! Actually, I was a big brave boy this time. Well...... ok.....she conned me......I was so engrossed in her fusses that I didn't notice her sneak in the shinyspike! Note to self: Don't get so easily conned by false human loves!

Next it was back to Granny's flat before a nice long leisure walkies through the clifftop park, down to the stickyoutovertheocean platform, then along the pawmenade and up Middle Chine. Daddy was a meanie though, he didn't let me freerun. He said he didn't want me getting soggy in the wetsploshy stuff.....as if.......

Back at Granny's, I would have had plenty of time to dry off while Daddy did a load of clicketyfingersing, then packed bags! Huffff!

Then it was the drive back to our floatyboatyhome in Newbury where Dad left me in the car while he took bags aboard and made the hotbox glow. Then we set off to the big humanvet kennelblock to collect Mummy.

Of course, there was a fair bit of waiting around there before we could actually leave. I even had to take Daddy out to the car to get me my picnic dinner! There were some good opportunities to get some fusses from many humans in there. It seems that a furry friend is a rare and welcome visitor!

Mummy seems oodles happier than when we left her there yesterday. Apparently she too has had some shinyspikes sticked into her and something amazing has happened to make her eyes work much better. It's OK though, she still needs me!

Now, if you will excuse us, we have some sofasnuggles to catch up on. Ooooh! mummy.....scratch my belly......yeah..... just there! Oooohhhhhhh!

Mum's Back!

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