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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Knobbly Knucklebone.

Pyoing! Pyoing...pyoing...pyoing! Mum says that was my springs uncoiling. It followed a bit of a squeak when I looked out of the car to see trees and doggypals all around. Then, when Mum opened to car's bumdoor and let me 'go play', I simply couldn't contain my joy! My legs just went beserk! Mum was laughing at my crazy zoomies and bendy, sideways bucking bronco barminess! Oooooohhhh! It was SUCH a fandabbydoozee freerun! I needed that!

I think I now declare Snelsmore Common Country Park to be my newest favourite place in the world! Trees, puddles, miles of paths (for humans to follow), acres of sniffing-grounds, space to run and jump and roll, and loads of doggypals to meet, greet & play with!

Now I have a superb knobbly knucklebone. Mum says it is good for cleaning my teeth and my bum. Well.....I get that it is scraping my gnashers as I do serious work on it .....but....my butt....???? Oh well, I shall enjoy humouring her. nom..nom..nom.......

Four photos of me amongst all the crunchy leaves on the gravel path, trees and bracken all around and various different doggy pals that I met to play with.

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