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Monday, 28 November 2016

Butt Sniffing....

Bone bum! That's what Mum says I have had today! She says that is what she meant about a bone being good for both ends. She also muttered something about taking out shares in poobag manufacturing companies..... It seems that six bagsful of concrete conkers is a generous offering for one day. Well, I am happy to be generous! At least it gave her something to do! Better than aaaaaaalllll the waiting around in the human vet's kennelblock. That has taken up the biggest part of the day; waiting around for something called a follow-up check-up for Mum, after her stay in that bendybed last week. In the end, it turned out that none of all that waiting was necessary at all. Something about a communication breakdown. Oh well, it got me some fusses and admiration!

Next came some welcome workywalkies around Reading to find a shop full of those strange double bowls that ladyhumans have for their chesthumps. I kept Dad company while Mum went to do that 'trying on' thing. I think it was a good choice for both us boys to stay out if that bit! Mum seemed happy when she came out. Dad and I were happy with our little chill out time!

Another walkies this evening was nice before going to another snooze session through a human yackety-yacking time. They call it a meeting. It's not what I call a meeting. A proper meeting involves the civilised art of mutual butt-sniffing and hopefully a game of chase. Humans are so peculiar!

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