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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Colour Gone Mad!

Uh-oh! Mum's new colour vision seems to have gone to her head!

I returned from walkies with Dad this evening to find Mum with lots of bits of shiny stuff on her headfur. I wondered if she was going to put her headfur into that megahot cupboard where she sometimes puts food wrapped in that same shiny stuff. Thankfully she didn't. Instead, she disappeared into the warm rain box and came out with multicoloured headfur.

All this has come after a fairly relaxed day of workywalkies, visitors (including a teddybear that I wasn't allowed to play with), ooooooodles of yackety-yacking and generally chilling out a bit! All most welcome.

Now, please excuse me while I tuck my paws well out of Mum's reach. I really do not want my claws stroked with the colourful stuff she is putting on her pawpointer claws!

Mum's headfur - stripes of pink, purple and turquoise.

Bob and teddybear Bertie sat on a bench with Mum and Dad. I am sat in harness in front of them. Behind us all is our neighbour's floatyboatyhome. Bob and Bertie were our visitors today.

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