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Saturday, 19 November 2016

Getting in the Way!!!

A visitor! We had a visitor! I like visitors! They always make my tail wag and this morning's visitor was very wag-inducing! His name was Richard and I think he came to do a whole load of yacketying with Mum and Dad - something about alterations inside the boat. Well, I know nothing about alterations but I did do a spectacular job of getting fusses from him and of getting just perfectly in the way when he wanted to get to the sofa. He had one of those funny rattly snake things that coils back into a little box in his paw. Apparently, when he stretched it out against the sofa, it gave him some numbers that he squiggled onto his block of squigglesheets. I just enjoyed practicing my art of getting in the way because it got me loads of fusses! Heehee!

I then took Mum workywalkies all around town. In Tesco's there was a lovely surprise at the checkout; Banjo! I met Banjo! Banjo is a golden retriever boy that I played with some months ago in the park when he was a much littler pup. Today, he was doing his workywalkies, wearing a smart jacket. Mum says he is learning to be an Autism Assistance dog. It is not often I get to meet a fellow dog-with-a-job inside a shop! Dogs with jobs are the only dogs allowed inside most shops. I don't think Mum would allow me to go into a shop all wet and grubby though like Banjo was this morning. He had been lucky enough to go playing in the park before going to work. Mum doesn't let me do that. I have to work before play, especially if play is likely to be mucky!

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