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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Topsy Turvy Day....

Green people. There have been people dressed in green fursubstitutes on our floatyboatyhome!

This has been a strange day altogether. Dad took me out for my morning relief, sorted out my starvation, and then went back to bed. None of that hot brown water that Mum and Dad usually have. I thought we'd be going to church. Instead, Dad got up and did some of his clickertyfingersy stuff, but Mum just stayed in bed.

Eventually, I just had to hup and give her some of my best snuggles. Eventually, Dad took me for a nice long walkies around town. When we got back, he went to see Mum. Then, he got on his talkybone, and kept checking on Mum.

Dad settled down on with his clickertyfingersy stuff again, and after some time his talkybone squawked. He talked to it, and disappeared out. Shortly after, he came back, followed by a lovely man and lady all dressed in green fursubstitutes. Well, ahem, I just had to make them feel welcome! I think I did a very good job.

They seemed to like our floatyboatyhome, and went and spent a lot of time with Mum. When they left, I went straight hup on the bed to make sure she was alright. She was much more like my Mum! Dad took me out again very late for my second walkies. We've got back, nice and wet because the sky was leaking. I still hupped on the bed to check on Mum. I think she's OK - Dad gave her some toast. What a topsy-turvy day.

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