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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Off Kerbing.....

Gallantry. That's what Mum called it. I am happy to accept the praise for being gallant. But, actually, I rather enjoy sploshing through the big puddles. Guiding Mum around them often means I have to splosh right through the middle. Wonderfully cold, wet and messy!

There were lots and lots of such puddles on our long workywalkies this morning! Just perfect for getting a lovely soggy belly, muddy paws and dripping legs!

I had to work hard on that workywalkies. We went all around the busy streets of Newbury where all the big buildings are. Mum says they are in dust real buildings. I don't know what that means, but I do know there are lots of megahuge lorries around there and I'm not a great fan of them. They are big and scary and noisy and they fuff nasty smelly air at me. I had to guide Mum around no less than four offkerb challenges this morning. Two of them were big beasty lorries parked on the pavement, one was a van parked on the pavement, and one was a cage around a manhuman in a hole! An offkerb obstacle is one of the biggest challenges we Guide Dogs have to deal with. We have to take our human off the kerb and in the road around the obstacle. A big long beasty lorry means a long stretch of road work. It is scary for both of us.

So, I think I earned my huge carrot reward today! Yummy!

Most of the rest of the day has been very cosy aboard floatyboatyhome. We are working together, Mum, Dad and me, creating my 2017 Calendar.

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