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Sunday, 6 November 2016

I'll Show Her......!

17.34. That's what the tickydisk said. A whole 4 minutes after my dinner time. I had to plead so hard but, instead of getting up to alleviate my starvation, Mum just showed me the back of her talkybone and made it click. I did my hardest starvation stare but had to wait soooooo long for her to get the message!
When I did finally get my dinner at the incredibly late time of 17.36, there wasn't even a single morsel of extra ration to make up for the delay!
Right! That's it then! Hup on sofa - bum turned to Mum and lie down! Protest registered!
Starvation stare; chin on Mum's leg - sideways glance.
Protest pose; lying on sofa between Mum's legs - bum towards her. Head down in a big huff!

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