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Saturday, 26 November 2016

What a Manic Day!

Phwwwoooofffffeeeee! What a day!

Early start, workywalkies, long car ride, quick FREERUN! Yayyy! Another long car ride, microhuman, hissing furball, car ride, Papa, human yummyery, workywalkies, car ride, long-time-no-see-humanfriends, plus a little pooch pal too, then long car ride back home again! I'm not sure if
I'm coming or going or on the way back again!

The freerun was in the Clifftop Park in Bournemouth. This was a bit odd as we didn't go to Granny's flat - but then.....Dad did seem to have extra stuff in the car when he came back for us....... oh well! It was a great chance to run around and catch up on some weemails anyway.

Microhuman Hallie was almost exciting to visit. Well, she provided some good hoovering duties anyway! It seems that I liked her pancake more than she did! Yummm! Well, I would have been failing in my duties if I had left her squishing it all into the carpet wouldn't I?

The hissing furball was a bit of a shock! I just went on a little tour of inspection around Rosie's home and I nearly got my nose pierced! I didn't even know that a hissing furball lived at Rosie's! I am not impressed! I did try to make friends but that ball of fury just growled at me through the little slit by the door frame! Huff!

Papa was nicer to me. He seems to have the message that I am starved! I am not going to disillusion him! He gave me several yummies! We took him to a human yummyery - that was torture as it was right on my dinnertime but did I get any starvation alleviation? Did I heck! Nope! I had to wait forever until we went back to Papa's home. No extra rations to make up for it either. Humph!

The visit to the long-time-no-see-humanfriends was fun. It was James and Nicky plus Reece the minihuman who isn't mini anymore. I remember them from when we lived in Worthing. That was where I met Rocko, the little Jack Russel x Chihauhua. He was scared of me to begin with but we soon sorted that out! It would have been fab to play properly but apparently that wasn't possible today. Maybe another time........

Well, the hotbox is glowing nicely now and making me feel very sleepy after that insane day! So, if you will excuse me, I have a Mummy to shove off of my sofa! Night night!

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