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Thursday, 24 November 2016


The ACE Team is back in action! Yayyyyyy! Workywalkies with Mummy! Sooooo good!

It all started with a lovely long lie in together. That was all very necessary of course .... for rebonding! Then I took Mum workywalkies while Dad did a load of clicketyfingersing. We went all through the outskirts of Newbury. The route that includes gazillions of bleepycrossings. I proved to Mum that I hadn't forgotten what she needed me to do; without waiting for her to ask me, I went straight to the pole and did a 'hup-touch' with my front paws on the buttonbox. I think Mum was a bit stunned and super pleased with me! I got a big fuss and a treat! By the end of the sequence of five crossings to get around that bit of road, we had the technique totally nailed! A few humans commented about how awesome I am when they saw me do it!

After a quick doggy download stop right beside a bin (I do like to be helpful whenever possible), we carried on along a route we haven't done for quite some months. Mum realised though, that I had worked out where she wanted me to take her. She then just gave me the command 'Find the Doctors' (that seems to be the strange name she uses for the human vets!). Well, I was already on the case! No problem! Straight there! As soon as we got inside my triumphant bum hit the floor so hard that it bounced! I got my edible proof that I had done the right and good job though! It seems that Mum was just popping in to say 'thank you' to the lady who helped her on the talkybone from inside the big humanvet kennelblock the other day.

We then continued our route around into town, including a couple more bleepycrossing practices. By this point we were reaching near disaster! Mum's goodboy reward pouch was almost empty! This would have been a totally unacceptable situation, so I took Mum to Wilkos and straight to the most important aisle in there; the one with the dog treats! Phew! Disaster averted! A few more bits of good work confirmed that they are yummy treats!

We then met up with Daddy and went on into that big place with dark rooms, lots of seats-up-steps, and a big wall with moving pictures on it. I got the best seat in the room! Right at the top of the steps, with carpet to lie on and an uninterrupted view of that big wall. It was a bit weird; lots of strange colourful little critters with brightly coloured headfur that stuck straight up into a point above their heads! Mum says they were called Trolls and, although it is really a film for minihumans, it was just perfect for her today with her brand new ability to see in colour! Well, I was quite happy to hoover the little white crunchy clouds!

Before the workywalkies home for my dinner, I had to endure the mouth-dripping torture of sitting under the table while Mum and Dad munched something they called Nando's. I don't know what that is but it smelled sooooooo good! Especially torturous as it was way past my dinnertime! I don't know how I managed to survive the final workywalkies home, but I did get us there. When Mum put my foodnuggets into my blue bowl, I just couldn't help but do a quick twirly in my excitement! It made Mum laugh!

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