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Friday, 11 November 2016

Gigantic Hissing Furball.......

Meeeooowwww! Oh! My great woofiness!

I worked my paws off taking Mum workywalkies (with Dad too). I guided her expertly into a huge building, upsteps, through doors, through more doors, into darkness and up more steps to the seats at the top of the big room with the big white wall. I enjoyed my huge carrot and settled down for a snooze on the carpet in front of Mum.

Then ...... Meeeooooowwwww! I looked up and there was a giant hissing furball moving across that big white wall! Aaaaagggghhhhh!

The little tiny hissing furball that used to terrorise me in our old house was bad enough! She used to spike my nose and make it drip red stuff. I dread to think what that giant one might do do me!

I got my head down and lay still by Mum's back paws. It didn't find me so I was OK to do hoovering duty of the little crunchy white clouds that Mum messily dropped!

And, to add further torture, my dinner was very very late! I had to drag myself all the way back through town and to our floatyboatyhome, working on harness to guide Mum, whilst suffering from super-serious rumblytum! Huh!

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