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Saturday, 12 November 2016

New Tricks....

Well! That was an 'interesting' workywalkies this morning! It all started off good - actually, it started off VERY good - with a bit of a playtime with a couple of doggy pals in the floatyboatykennelplace. I ..... errr..... don't think it was exactly Mum's plan for me to play..... oops! I simply couldn't turn down an opportunity like that though could I? Ahem! Right...... so..... playtime over, harness on, doggydownload done... we set off - through aaaalll the sploshy puddles - well..... I made sure I went through them all so that Mummy went around the outsides of them!

First point of call was Lidl where I found my friend Jerry at the checkout. It is always good to get a bit of an eartickle after working hard around the shop.

When we left the checkout, Mum asked me to 'find the door', then, to my surprise, she said 'find left'. That was not only a surprise but also a bit miffing! I much prefer the usual 'find right'. Pets at Home is next door - to the RIGHT! Huff! I did give Mum a 'look' to let her know that I though she had it all wrong but she insisted on 'find left'. Oh, well, I thought, it'll make a change - a different challenge. So, we go left, across the car park (there is no pavement). Then Mum says 'find the steps'. Of course I did - no problem! These steps lead to another car park and then around a corner and onto pavement beside the busy road. We went a very little way and then couldn't go any further. There was a cage across the pavement. Mum thought it was just a little 'offkerb' but, thankfully she listened to my whimpers. There was no way I was willing to guide her onto THAT crazy busy road and it wasn't just a little offkerb. (It turns out, apparently, that the pavement is closed for quite some distance). So, we had to turn around and go back again.

Great! I thought. Back to Pets at Home! I thought. So off we trotted - well, I didn't want to waste any more time getting to the best shop in town! Mum was a right old meanie though! She wouldn't let me guide her in there! 'Not today' she said. 'Straight on'! Huffffffff - mega hufffffff! That was it! NO more trotting! Nope! Straight down to ploddypaws mode! Allllll the way back to the canal towpath - but then came a bit of good news: We weren't going straight back home! Yippeeee! Mum asked me to 'find upsteps'. (Home would have been 'find left'). This is a route we haven't worked for quite some time. Yayyy! I did a good job on the upsteps - I even remembered to stop on the bottom step to give Mum a moment to work out how high it was and get her back paw onto it. Then we turned left at the top and walked down the pavement with all the big busy traffic whizzing by.

Next came a VERY interesting happening! It seems Mum wants me to learn a new trick! We got to the crossing and Mum asked me to 'find the button'. I didn't really know what she meant, but then she got a yummy out of her pocket and held it up by the box-on-a-pole. She tapped the box and said 'find the button'. Well, I hupped my paws and plonked them firmly on Mum's tummy, and tried to get the yummy. It seems that wasn't quite the plan. I got down again. More tapping, holding the yummy by the box - 'find the button'. I hupped my paws onto that box and got the yummy - and LOTS of praise from Mum. I had to repeat this process at two more crossings. By the third one, I got the message and hupped straight away! Mum seemed really pleased with me!

We then continued on our way and eventually met up with Dad to go into a shop called Staples. That was a boring shop - nothing yummy in there.

The rest of the day has been a snooze while Mum and Dad did ooooooodles of yackety-yacking with humanfriends Art and Yvette aboard our floatyboatyhome. After they left though, I took Daddy for a nice long walkies to the train station. We didn't go on a train though - Dad just got some little rectangles out of a machine. Most peculiar but a nice walkies nonetheless!

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