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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Goodbye Granny.

Phewwwy! What a day! Nice walkies this morning. Mum doing lots of mumstuff in the kitchen. Lots of visitors to Granny's flat some I knew, some I didn't but do now. A ride in a huuuuuge posh silver car with three rows of seats and following another huge silver car with a wooden box and lots of flowers inside. Then into a big room with rows of seats where lots more humans sat. The wooden box and its flowers and teddy bears was carried in by five men and placed on a kind of platform thing. Kelvin, the nice man from the flat upstairs above Granny's was there wearing white floaty fursubstitutes. He stood up at the front and did some yacketying. Then there was some human howling, accompanied by Debbi tickling the black and white teeth of a thing that sounded more like 'waawaawaa' rather than the usual 'dumdumdum' that she gets from teeth tickling. Then Dad did a little bit of yacketying, followed by Mum yacketying. I had to guide her to the little step thing to do this. She then let go of my lead and harness so I settled down on the carpet for a brief snooze.

There was a bit more howling, and a bit more yacketying before more of Debbi's waawaawaa teethtickling. During this, everyone put a flower on top of the wooden box. The teddybears were some of Granny's little ones that she had by her bed when she was living at her seniorhumans vetkennelblock. All the yacketying was about Granny too. There were some leaky eyes about, but Mum said it was a celebration of Granny's life, so it was meant to be more happy than sad.

Next came another ride in the posh silver megacar. This time we went to the humankennelblock just up the road from Granny's flat; the one where we used to take her for hot brown drinks. We went into a big room where there was a mouth-drippingly enticing table full of human yummies. Of course, none of it was for me! Thankfully though, I was allowed off duty and got to wander around and do a bit of hoovering. I do like messy humans that drop nosh on the floor!
There was a big garden too and I got to have a bit of a play out there, Ryan came to play with me and I made everyone laugh by doing my nutbum zoomies act! Mum says I go like a demented bucking bronco! I just have a bit of fun letting my ears down!

I guided Mum back to Granny's flat when it was all over, but there were still visitors. I took Daddy out for a nice walkies while Mum and Aunty Judy did some more of that kitcheny stuff. I got a wonderful big chunk of cucumber when i got back! Yummm!

Almost all visitors left us but my Papa is still here! He is staying the night! Yayyy!

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