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Wednesday, 2 November 2016


FREERUN! Yayhayhayhayhay! Oooooh! That was welcome! A lovely long romp down Middle Chine then along the pawmenade to that posh Sandbanks place. Dad and Uncle John stayed at Granny's flat and Aunty Judy did my job while I enjoyed a wonderful leg stretch! Then I got to have my picnic dinner in the boot of Uncle John's big car before we were all whizzed off to a human yummyery. I zzzzzed well while they all noshed. It was a good way to endure the torture of the yummy smells!

At the end of all this, Dad used his talkybone and then a few minutes later we went outside and got into a car. There was a nice humanman driving to take us back to Granny's flat again, and I had to ride in the front paw-well between Mum's paws. I haven't ridden in that bit of a car for a long time! It was nice coz Mr Driverman gave me big fusses and I could smell doggypals in his car. He said that he has 4 yellow labradors! I wouldn't half love to meet them all for a freerun!

All this came after a lovely long workywalkies with Mum this morning, then a trip in our car to another little workywalkies into a building and upstairs. There we found a spaniel buddy called Eddie. Oh! and a few humans too. I only got to briefly meet and greet Eddie but it was nice to do that in a worky situation. We went into a room with a nice humanlady who did ooooooooodles of yacketyyacking. Something about Granny's state..... I snoozed on the carpet! A much more sensible way to spend an hour in a warm room!

The rest of the day was taken up back at Granny's flat again - doing some serious damage to a big chew ring! So much damage that it seems to have all disappeared! Oops! Mum says it was a good unwinder for me. I'm happy to accept that reasoning!

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